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Emil Glenda 6/14/2010

I don't think the service could be any better! The BEST! Thank you!
Rachel Wooldridge 6/6/2010

Jim was the best caregiver to my 2 high maintenance kitties! He went above and beyond to provide excellent care for my girls while I was on a much needed vacation. Not only di he provide their physical needs, he provided for their emotional needs as well! Wonderful Wonderful!!
Gillian C. Young 9/28/2006

We just got back from a week in Canada and, with Jim in charge, once again everything was in perfect order. Our four very spoiled kitties were beautifully brushed, well-fed and "treated",and waiting on the sofa to see "animal planet".(Jim watches it with our cats every day he visits.)Each of our kitties has a distinct-and HUGE- personality, and Jim manages to bond with all of them.Thanks for the usual great job Jim, I wouldn't think of using anyone else! Gillian young
Ken Schwenker 2/25/2006

Jim has been watching after my cats for years and has always done a great job! He not only watches them but also gets to know them.
Harriet 6/3/2005

I can't say enough about TLC's excellent tender loving care. My kitties are very spoiled and are comfortable with very few people. But, they all look forward to seeing Jim of TLC who babies and spoils them even more than I. I never thought that was possible, but in Jim's case it really is. He is very responsible and genuinely loves cats. He brushes them, plays with them and both the litter box and feeding areas are spotless when we get home. When we are away, our minds are completely at ease knowing Jim is checking on our babies. Thanks, Jim!!!!