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Should your pets require medical attention, TLC will gladly provide transportation to and from your veterinarian's office.

If you are not available to assist TLC with the caging of your pets for transport at the time of pick-up, TLC will require that you please cage and ready the pets for movement before TLC's arrival at your home.

(Rendered during normal pet sitting visit)

Before transporting your pet to a veterinarian for emergency or routine medical attention, TLC will elicit your permission. However, if TLC is unable to timely communicate with you in order to obtain your prior approval, and if TLC believes that emergency medical attention is warranted, TLC will, in the sole interest of your pet's welfare, transport your pet to your designated veterinarian or, if not readily available, to another licensed veterinarian for treatment.

Before your departure, you are asked to alert your veterinarian to the possibility of TLC's seeking medical attention for your pet. You should arrange to reimburse the veterinarian for services rendered upon your return. Should an alternative veterinarian be sought either because your designated veterinarian is unavailable or because an alternative veterinarian is recommended by your veterinarian, TLC will advance the funds necessary to ensure proper medical care of your pet. Upon your return, you would be expected to reimburse TLC for any medical expenses incurred.



Flat Rate: $30/hr calculated from time of departure from and return to the TLC office

MILEAGE: 30¢/mile calculated from departure and return to TLC office

If Pet Taxi service is rendered during a normal pet-sitting visit, mileage will be calculated from your home to the veterinarian's location and, if applicable, from the veterinarian's location back to your home.

(Other transportation services may also be arranged, e.g. purchasing pet supplies, etc.)

TLC looks eagerly forward to being of service to you and your pets in the future.