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While you're away, and at whatever frequency you desire, TLC will:

  • Collect mail and newspapers
  • Alternate lighting and perform other specified crime deterrent measures
  • Alert public safety offices and designated persons in the event of emergencies, security and safety concerns/ hazards
  • Maintain a “HomeWatch Log” covering each visit
  • Curb trash and bring in empty trash containers
  • Conduct an interior and exterior check of your home


$15 per visit + mileage

Additional Services:

  • Fill bird feeder ($3), feed fish ($2)
  • Mow lawn (minimum $30/hour)
  • House Sitting (see below)
  • Water lawn/ garden (negotiable)
  • Other services (negotiable)



  • PURPOSE OF SERVICE: During your absence, a bonded and insured TLC House Sitter will reside in your home for the purpose of safeguarding the premises and of ensuring the proper care of pets entrusted to TLC's care. The House Sitter will remain on the premises for a minimum 11 hours per day, normally during the overnight hours of o/a 9PM-8AM.
  • DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE: During the House Sitter's stay in your home, and as directed, the garbage will be curbed and emptied & trash barrels retrieved ; at least one interior and exterior visual check of the home will be conducted daily and a log noting any discrepancies and actions taken will be maintained; if so directed, interior and exterior lighting will be alternated ; newspapers and mail will be collected ; any security breaches or obvious maintenance shortcomings will be immediately addressed as instructed by the owner or his/her designated representative; emergencies of any kind will be promptly reported to the appropriate local authorities. A Log will be maintained on a daily basis for the owner's review upon his/her return.
  • REQUIREMENTS: The House Sitter will be authorized free access and reasonable use of appliances, telephone (local service only), television, bed, bedding, and towels as well as of basic beverages, e.g. water, coffee, sugar, creamer, or as otherwise mutually agreed upon. House Sitters will provide their own food. A TLC CONTRACT/CHECKLIST will detail services and emergency notification data, and must be jointly completed and signed by TLC and the owner. Any specific limitations as to House Sitter's access to the home's amenities and supplies will be noted in the TLC Contract/Checklist.
  • PAYMENT: At least 50% of estimated cost of service must be advanced to TLC before the owner's departure. This is inclusive of estimated mileage to and from house sitting location. Mileage rate is $.30/mile. Mileage will accrue at the rate of 1 round trip per day.


$60 per overnight + mileage

Note: A HOMEWATCH service normally requires up to a 15-minute visit, and does not require the services of an overnight House Sitter.